What Can Apes Teach Us?

 The survival of gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans has inseparable ties to our own human survival. What can we learn by protecting them? What can apes teach us?

GLOBIO leverages its Apes Like Us project project to answer those questions. In doing so we create greater global awareness of great ape survival. 

Apes Like Us provides a unique visual vehicle for educational outreach — through compelling and engaing original video conent, educational tools, and resources like our LUCI light project, we link people locally and globally to critical issues facing apes and all life on Earth. 


New September 2018

Apes Like Us is developing a series of videos and accompanying Teaching Activity Guides (patterned after our widely used GLOSSOPEDIA TAGs) to help explore the five great apes, where they live, their shared traits and family tree, and the threats to their survival.

Young girl from Matan Hilir Utara 1 junior high, discovering the biodiversity (Nepenthes pitcherplant) in PT KAL’s palm oil plantation protected area. Field trip with Yayasan IR orangutan center education staff. West Kalimantan, Borneo Indonesia