What Can Apes Teach Us?

GLOBIO’s in 2018 is expanding its Apes Like Us project project to create greater global awareness of great ape survival by expanding its role in partner community education.

Apes Like Us provides GLOBIO a unique  platform for educational outreach — linking people locally and globally to critical issues facing apes and all life on Earth. We reach that goal with compelling and engaing original video conent, educational tools and resources like our LUCI light project. 

In 2018 GLOBIO is partnering directly with six ape sanctuaries to increase awareness of great ape survival.

Young girl from Matan Hilir Utara 1 junior high, discovering the biodiversity (Nepenthes pitcherplant) in PT KAL’s palm oil plantation HCV area. Field trip with Yayasan IR orangutan center education staff. West Kalimantan, Borneo Indonesia