Educator Resources




GLOBIO’s focus is on creating and delivering educational resources to engage kids, educators and life-long learners to value all life on Earth.

GLOBIO’s education resources are both digital and physical — below are our three principal education areas:

Ape Education: use video resources and classroom content to create awareness and understanding of the survival of great apes.

LUCI Solar Light: In development with Mpowerd, creator of LUCI light, as a hands-on classroom curriculum focused on exploring solar and renewable energies, and features Build Your Own Light (BYOL.)

GLOSSOPEDIA and Learning Activity Guides: GLOBIO’s online legacy resource for exploring the world of nature, science and geography. It is accompanied by free downloadable teacher resources.




Kids from the Dja region visiting Mefou Primate Park for environmentl education talk by Ape Action Africa, Cameroon