Shed Light On APES LIKE US 

GLOBIO, through our Apes Like Us project, has partnered with Mpowerd and their amazing LUCI, an inflatable go-anywhere solar light, to shed light on the over two billion people around the planet who live in and around apes and still survive without reliable access to electricity.

Lightweight, easy to carry, and lighting up the darkness for upto 17 hours on a single charge, LUCI light is clean, safe, waterproof, and affordable way to shed light in the world.

In the Equatorial tropics as soon as the sun goes down life darkens — children can no longer study, sanctuary staff stop working, veterinarian and health clinics close, village children and women are less safe, the list goes on. Kerosene lamps and charcoal burders are the most common solution — but they can be dangerous, toxic and expensive. Batteries end up buried in the ground, leaching corrosives and poisons.



You Can Donate a LUCI 

You Can Help Spread The Light. GLOBIO’s goal through our Apes Like Us is to put 1,500 LUCI lights in six pilot sites in 2018. We need your help to spread the light. You, your family, your organization can ensure light shines in classrooms, vet clinics, villages and in the field. It’s simple. Donate one, two, or as many lights as you can. When Gerry Ellis is filming in our pilot-partner sanctuaries your lights will be delivered. DONATE A LUCI NOW

Class2Class Donations

Beginning in April 2018 we are connecting classrooms to share some light – LUCI light. If your classroom is interested in helping donate lights to a classroom in and around ape sanctuaries and conservation areas we are working with, please contact us for details. 

Donated LUCI Lights (above) helping shed some light on a delicate surgery in a chimpanzee enclosure at Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Sierra Leone.