Great Apes 2020

About the Partnership

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Orphan chimpanzee at Ape Action Africa sanctuary, Cameroon

Devices and platforms evolve in a rapidly changing digital world, but content will always be critical. GLOBIO is exploring the development of additional content and resources that enable educators to help learners small and large understand complex global environmental issues — like the threat of extinction to the great apes. GLOBIO has partnered with photographer—film-maker Gerry Ellis to create a vast new body of content about great apes. The project is called Great Apes 2020.

In addition to direct funding support of of Great Apes 2020, GLOBIO is also connecting to in-the-field local education opportunities generated from the documentary work. To date GLOBIO has issued community education grants in Borneo, Sumatra, Rwanda and Cameroon. You can find more about these and our support of local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) education efforts at Where We Work.

In pursuit of GLOBIO’s mission, Great Apes 2020 is an education and public awareness project. GLOBIO’s experience and support reaching children and educators is critical to spreading the key messages of the project. For more information about the project, begin exploring some of the amazing photographs and video being created and learn more about the plight of great apes, visit the Great Apes 2020 website or see the news release.