Apes Like Us

Integrated education and awareness focused on great ape survival.

Orangutan Tree Project

Rebuilding forests, saving orangutans lives, and reducing climate change.

Film & Video

Creating powerful visual content to inspire, motivate and educate.

Where We Work

Fostering partnerships that build on our triple bottom line — Connecting Species, People, Planet.

What We Do

GLOBIO is an environmental awareness nonprofit that provides support to conservation organizations around the world, and shares their stories globally, while educating the public about our shared environmental issues.

Our Mission

GLOBIO’s mission is to inspire a positive relationship with our environment by connecting species, people and planet.


Your Support of GLOBIO

For nearly 20 years, GLOBIO has been connecting kids and adults to the magic, awe and wonder of our planet. GLOBIO works with education partners, wildlife sanctuaries and conservation projects in Equatorial Africa and Borneo to support their conservation work on-the-ground, and share their stories with the rest of the world. Ever evolving, we also create engaging educational content to educate the public on shared environmental issues.

    Our Mission

    GLOBIO was founded to connect species, people, planet, to create a positive future. In that pursuit, we build partnerships in environmental education, field conservation, teamed with powerful visual resources to support global education and understanding.

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