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Fostering partnerships that connect Species, People, Planet

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Getting to the heart of what’s happening with apes around the world

What We Do

GLOBIO is an environmental awareness nonprofit that provides support to conservation organizations around the world, and shares their stories globally, while educating the public about our shared environmental issues.

Our Mission

GLOBIO’s mission is to inspire a positive relationship with our environment by connecting species, people and planet.


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By donating to GLOBIO, you are also supporting the incredible great ape conservation efforts of our partner organizations in Equatorial Africa and Borneo. Through our programs and partnerships, GLOBIO is working to ensure a brighter future for the amazing apes of this world. 

Discover Apes Like Us – GLOBIO’s main Film & Media project that explores the wonders and woes of the four other great apes and their other primate pals. Part educational, part entertainment, there’s something for everyone on Apes Like Us!

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