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Why travel with GLOBIO? We have fun! We explore beyond the brochures, and experience the heart of a place.

At GLOBIO we have long seen travel and education as partners in creating greater understanding of our share world. GLOBIO grew out of founder Gerry Ellis’ global travel experiences, and we have continued to see exploring the world as a key opportunity for people of every age and background to explore and learn.

Beginning in 2019 with a trip to discover apes in Uganda, travel will become a prominent part of our education program. We invite you to join us in on that journey.

Gerry Ellis
GLOBIO Founder

Uganda Discover Great Apes

Our travel itineraries to Uganda build on our Apes Like Us program goal to engage folks like you in the uniqueness and value of apes and primates we share so much with. These two-week Ugandan trips discover chimps in Uganda’s Kibale Forest, and look eye-to-eye with critically endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, and discover a dozen monkey species. Uganda has some of the best ape and primate experiences in the world.


Trip Itinerary November 2019

12 days


Trip Itinerary November 2020

12 Days


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We invite anyone interested in traveling with us to contact our exclusive travel partners for Uganda and Borneo — Classic Escapes for pricing and more details.

Uganda & Borneo
Primate Photo Trip


photo Trip Itinerary may 2021

10 days


Photo Trip Itinerary 2021 TBD