Where We Work

Working globally, digitally, person-to-person, to connect Species, People, Planet.

Map of the globeGLOBIO is active in communities across Equatorial Africa as well as Borneo and Sumatra, in addition to the digital learning resources used in the United States and worldwide.

Helping create visual learning resources for communities in and around ape sanctuaries and conservation areas is our major programmatic effort. That work expanded in 2018 with targeted projects like LUCI Light, illuminating learning and conservation by delivering solar lights to schools, veterinarian clinics, and in-field conservation projects, located in places where great apes survive. And in 2019 with Orangutan Tree Project, rebuilding the rainforest home of Bornean orangutans’ one tree at a time.

Why Great Apes as a Theme?

Charismatic species engage people of every age and socio-economic level, few species are as engaging as apes. From a conservation perspective no group of animals could be more connected to our own global health: disease, deforestation, climate change. Over 2.5 billion of the poorest people live in tropical countries shared by great apes.


Field Conservation

Our Field Conservation Programs are critical to our connecting species with people with our shared planet. Partnerships are the foundation of our first step. We hope our models of collaboration are adopted, replicated and expanded to help others make meaningful impact.

Environmental Education

Learning drives understanding. We realize people must first understand their place in the global community and environment, and in turn the impact of their actions before positive change can occur. 

Our Global Partners

Our commitment to collaboration and partnerships is a cornerstone of how we view working in the world. As a small organization our impact is amplified through a network of working relationships in seven countries: Borneo & Sumatra (Indonesia), Cameroon, DR Congo, Sierra Leone, Uganda, United States, and Zambia.


  • Ape Action Africa (Cameroon)
  • Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage (Zambia)
  • Kasisi Community Project (Uganda)
  • Kibale Chimpanzee (Uganda)
  • Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary (Sierra Leone)
  • Yayasan IAR Indonesia (Borneo)

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