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Learn more about the 4 other Great Apes with our Apes Like Us YouTube Series

Apes Like Us

The Apes Like Us YouTube channel is the visual heart of our great apes education outreach. It has the opportunity to reach millions of global viewers with a visually powerful message about the value and importance of great apes surviving on our planet. Our channel is suitable for views of all ages and backgrounds.

Greater Awareness for our Great Apes

With Apes Like Us, you’ll explore different facets of primate conservation and experience the stories of unique individual apes as they are rescued from the illegal pet trade, poaching and other heart wrenching scenarios. We’ll take you to different primate sanctuaries and introduce you to some of the courageous conservation heroes and communities working to protect primates around the world. We’ll discuss great ape ecology, ethology, geography, and much much more to help highlight some of the wonder of our closest genetic relatives. Find out more about the four other great apes and the threats they face with our Primate of the Month newsletter below!

Our facebook is not only geared towards stunning visuals of apes and primates, but also to share articles and spark discourse about the plight of primates around the world and other environmental situations which impact their survival. Join this conversation here!

Primate of the Month Newsletter

Don’t miss out on your chance to sign up to Apes Like Us‘s Primate of the Month Newsletter. Each month we’ll deliver information, film clips and striking images of our chosen primate species that month. With primate populations plummeting around the world, there’s no better time to discover some of the wondrous species on our planet.


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