Environmental Awareness

Fostering curiosity, inspiring science thinking.

Environmental Awareness

Environmental Education

Critical to each of our Field Conservation projects is creation and accessibility of parallel educational materials. What we are doing and discovering in the field increases local and global awareness about the project, promoting a deeper understanding, value and need. In every case we look at opportunities to connect species, people, planet in a clear and common sense foundation of learning and understanding.

Delivering resources to both a digitally accessible and non-accessible world is a challenge. Making resources culturally and conditionally sensitive, as well as efficiently deliverable and cost-effective requires careful listening to our collaborators. Our partners play a huge role in our education success and we rely on their input.

Fostering Curiosity

We believe encouraging curiosity is fundamental. Curiosity shouldn’t stop in childhood, but inspire life-long learning. That curiosity should extend beyond the classroom, to the world around us – about the world we all share. Creating resources to help foster that curiosity, and making them accessible to all users, whether digitally connected or through direct experiential access, is critically important.  


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