From the grandest oceans to the smallest puddles, biodiversity is everywhere




Variety is, as the old adage claims, the spice of life – indeed, it’s also the cornerstone of all life on Earth. Biodiversity is the variety of all plant, animal, and fungi life – vast networks of evolutionary, biological, and ecological processes work together to maintain and sustain the balance of all life on Earth – from the smallest of beetles to the great raptors that fly overhead. Humans rely on this balance of biodiversity for clean air, water, fertile soil, and so much more. Yet biodiversity levels are threatened by human activity throughout the globe…



GLOBIO’s Role 

As an environmental awareness nonprofit, GLOBIO help protect global biodiversity by connecting people to other species and our planet, to inspire a more positive relationship with our environment through powerful visual media and partnering with in situ conservation organizations. By encouraging all – young and old alike – to learn about the interconnectedness of nature to our every day life, GLOBIO cultivates stronger support for our program partners and their critical conservation efforts to protect local biodiversity. 

GLOBIO also directly protects and strengthens areas of critical biodiversity through our Orangutan Tree Project – a reforestation project to regrow critical forest for Orangutans and countless other wildlife species on protected land. 

Discover more about the wonders of biodiversity through our Apes Like Us YouTube Channel (right) or by exploring our Primate of the Month archives and social media channels below:

Apes Like Us is GLOBIO’s primary film and media project to create awareness and share stories of great ape conservation around the world. With a growing YouTube channel featuring tales from our program partners, Apes Like Us is a family-friendly mix of entertainment and education, sure to delight viewers around the world. 

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