Great Apes Education Project

What Can Apes Teach Us?

 The survival of gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans has inseparable ties to our own human survival. Disease, climate, forest resources, water, all are shared. What can we learn by protecting great apes? What can apes teach us?

The Great Ape Education Project is about leveraging the charismatic appeal of apes like us to explore and discover answer those questions. In doing so our goal is to create greater global awareness of great ape survival, including our own.

Apes Like Us provides a unique, cross-cultural, visual vehicle for educational outreach. Through compelling and engaging original video content, educational tools and resources, and connected projects like our Orangutan Tree Project we link people locally and globally to critical issues facing apes and all life on Earth.

The Great Ape Education Project

– First Steps in Early 2020 –

For over a year, through our Apes Like Us project we have been discussing, surveying, and visiting schools in the U.S. and in and around great ape sanctuaries, and working with partners to ascertain how can we best support their efforts to teach the value and importance of great apes. What we know thus far is we still have much to discover before committing to production. That work begins at a new level in September 2019.

What we do know is our content and resources will be original and unique. We will be developing a series of videos and accompanying Learning Activity Guides (patterned after our widely used GLOSSOPEDIA Learning Activity Guides) to help explore the five great apes; where they live, their shared traits and family tree, behaivior, and the threats to their survival. Over the course of this five-year pilot project we will be soliciting a wide range of users including formal and non-formal educators, sanctuary education teams, NGO educators, etc.

If you are or know any one you think might be interested in participating please contact us at

If the Ape Education Project is something you or an organization you know are interested in collaborating on or funding in part or whole, please let us know.

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