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Rebuilding forests, saving orangutans lives, and helping reduce climate change

Orangutan Tree

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The Orangutan Tree Education Resources offers a unique education opportunity by connecting kids and adults to key science concepts and resources of our environment. Deforestation and fires across Borneo have stripped orangutans of their forest homes. That damage, is horrific, but not irreparable. Focused on a peat swamp wetland tropical rainforest in southwest West Kalimantan, Borneo (Indonesia), the project creates an seamless and logical connection to topics such as species conservation, human-wildlife connections, habitat restoration, climate change, carbon and hydrology cycles, and geography.


The Orangutan Tree (Field) Project grew out of our Apes Like Us filming work in southwestern Borneo. We realized immediately the educational potential. It is a partnership between GLOBIO and Yayasan IAR Indonesia, to create real-world change by connecting species, people and the planet, one tree at a time. The learning advantages of the Orangutan Tree (Field) Project are not abstract, theoretical or simply hopeful thinking. Creating that change is a educational journey, which can provide a tremendous learning opportunities and an involvement platform for people of all ages to take real-world action.

Coming in Summer 2020

Orangutan Tree Learning Resources

GLOBIO is creating an evolving set of learning resources that can be used in isolation or in combination, in different learning settings.

The OTP Field Work and Donate

All the Orangutan Tree Project education resources are based on the work we are doing supporting Yayasan IAR Indonesia in Borneo. There are multiple opportunities for participation from individuals to entire classrooms.

Learn more about that work and how you can help us on the OTP Field page.