GLOSSOPEDIA, a kid-safe network of environmental educational resources, was one of GLOBIO’s widest reaching outreach tools during our first decade as a nonprofit organization. Similar to today’s Wikipedia, GLOSSOPEDIA gave students and other learners access to a vast variety of online educational resources that were coupled with free Learning Activity Guides (LAGs) to help maximize impact. During it’s lifetime, GLOSSOPEDIA was accessed by over 1 million students, as well as thousands of teachers and parents in the classroom and through home schooling.  

GLOSSOPEDIA is no longer available but GLOBIO remains committed on the same path to educating, sharing, and spreading awareness about environmental issues that touch all of us on this planet. Our current main outreach and education project is our Apes Like Us youtube channel, which is reaching an ever greater audience every day to teach about the plight of Great Apes. You can also learn more about our other work supporting Great Ape Sanctuaries by visiting our Programs below

If you loved the GLOSSOPEDIA, we think you’ll enjoy our Primates of the Month – a free monthly newsletter that takes a look at a different species of primate each month. With original footage and an abundance of fun facts, our Primate of the Months helps bring the magic and wonder of the primate world straight to your screens!

Primate of the Month


Discover and explore some of the world’s greatest apes and funkiest monkeys with GLOBIO’s Primate of the Month Newsletter! From the largest apes to the smallest monkeys, you’ll never know what’s in store with our monthly email!

Learning Activity Guides


GLOBIO’s Great Ape Awareness Project is our work in progress to create and compile a comprehensive collection of educational resources surrounding Great Apes, their monkey friends, and the world in which they live. 

Apes like us youtube channel


If you’re looking for some edutainment that’s family friendly and fun, check out our Apes Like Us Youtube channel! We feature a variety of original videos exploring amazing primates and those working to keep them alive.

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