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Support GLOBIO & Help Protect Apes in the Wild

Protect Great Apes from Home


YOU have the power to make a difference from the comfort of your own home! Check out our list below of different ways you can help secure a brighter future for wild primates and their habitats.

  • Learn all about the issues facing great apes and their habitats through our Apes Like Us Channel and other online resources. Share them with friends and family, and encourage the young ones in your life to take an interest in conservation!
  • Avoid products with palm oil OR opt for materials using sustainable palm oil and other natural, eco-friendly materials. Learn more about the issue here.
  • Many precious metals used in phones and electronics are extracted from former ape habitats in the Democratic Republic of Congo. You can help lessen the need for these metals by recycling your old phones and gadgets through companies like Eco-Cell and opting to purchase second hand, refurbished tech whenever possible
  • For our American supporters, you can contact your local representatives and urge them to support funding & conservation initiatives for apes, such as the Great Ape Conservation Fund and legislation that prevents the primate pet trade such as the Captive Primate Safety Act
  • Get involved afar with ethical great ape sanctuaries and conservation organizations, like our Program Partners. You can also volunteer abroad and help in person!

Support GLOBIO to help us grow!


Your support for GLOBIO can come in many forms to help us continue our work around the globe. Do you have a great idea for a GLOBIO fundraiser or maybe have some questions about how we’ll use your gift? Contact

2020 FY Expenditure

GLOBIO Program, Fundraising and Administrative costs for Fiscal Year 2021-2022



  • A one-time gift or monthly donation — you can choose to donate towards one of our specific programs or to our general fund 
  • Make a charitable contribution of stocks, bonds or mutual funds
  • Done in tribute of a loved one
  • Ask if your employer participates in corporate giving programs or matching gifts

Leave a lasting Legacy with Planned Giving

  • Remember GLOBIO in your Will or Living Trust 
  • Designate GLOBIO as a beneficiary in your life insurance or retirement plan

Other Ways to Support

  • Join Gerry and the GLOBIO team on one of our Travel with GLOBIO adventures where a portion of the proceeds are designated to other GLOBIO outreach programs
  • Host your own fundraiser for GLOBIO through crowd-funding platforms like or
  • Choose GLOBIO as your charity when shopping with Amazon Smile — the same great products with no added cost to you!
  • Shop for holiday and everyday gifts in our e-shop to spread the GLOBIO message and support our cause

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