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APES LIKE US is a GLOBIO project to create greater global awareness of great ape survival — it features original video content, educational materials, and resources support to ape sanctuaries and field conservation projects — in turn connecting people to some of the most pressing issues we all face.

Apes Like Us provides GLOBIO a unique story-telling outreach platform. To date we have reached over 2 million people worldwide with compelling and engaging original video content on our YouTube channel Apes Like Us

Apes Like Us is partnering directly with ape sanctuaries and field conservation projects in Africa and Indonesia to increase awareness of great ape survival. This includes development of a multi-part great ape education series including videos and supporting curriculum about what great apes are, where they live, natural history and the conflicts they face for survival. This new education project will target schools and villages in and around sanctuaries and conservation areas where great apes live as well as adoption in Western classrooms and zoos.

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