GLOBIO is an education nonprofit organization

founded by filmmaker and photographer Gerry Ellis

GLOBIO’s mission is to engage all people, especially children, in learning how to make respectful, conscious decisions about the planet in which we live. Further, to explore how they can make a difference in environmental quality and protecting biodiversity. GLOBIO realizes people must first understand their place in the global community and environment, and in turn the impact of their actions — to that end real-world, practical education is fundamental to our approach.

Over the past 17 years GLOBIO has continually expanded education activities and now reach children, adults, educators, and community outreach leaders around the world with visual content and resources for exploring our shared world.

Evolving GLOBIO: The Power of Visual Storytelling 

GLOBIO’s Board of Directors in 2013 decide our focus should be on creating visual content, and to work with partners to use best implement that content. In 2017 we launched Apes Like Us (on YouTube), and in less than five months content on the new channel had been seen by over 100,000 people. Learn more about Apes Like Us and our other Projects.

Where We Work

GLOBIO, through our digital encyclopedia for kids GLOSSOPEDIA, works everywhere there is access to the internet. Used free by hundreds of thousands of children and teachers each year GLOSSOPEDIA, and our free Teacher Activity Guides continues to be a unique resource in the online learning space.

On the ground Apes Like Us has expanded GLOBIO’s physical reach into communities across Equatorial Africa as well as Borneo and Sumatra. Helping create visual learning resources for communities in and around ape sanctuaries and conservation areas. That work expands in 2018 with projects like LUCI light, illuminating learning and conservation by delivering solar lights to schools, veterinarian clinics, and in-field conservation projects, located in places where great apes survive.

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Your tax-deductible donations keep GLOBIO going.

Choose a one-time or monthly donation to the project of your choice: Before They’re Gone Movie, Luci Light project, or Apes Like Us.

GLOBIO is a US registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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