Our Programs

Our Programs

Our mission is to engage all people, especially children, in learning how to make respectful, conscious, positive decisions about the planet we share. Further, to explore how we each can make a difference in environmental quality and protecting biodiversity. We realize people must first understand their place in the global community and environment, and in turn the impact of their actions — to that end real-world, practical education is fundamental to our approach.

We work with limited resources and cannot solve every problem, or problems of interest in every place, but we can insure our projects have wide ranging impact. Our program strategy is to create successful projects, and then replicate and partner to scale, leaving a blueprint for others to use and evolve.

Field Conservation

Our Field Conservation Programs are critical to our connecting species with people with our shared planet. Partnerships are the foundation of our first step. We hope our models of collaboration are adopted, replicated and expanded to help others make meaningful impact in their own incredible ways.

Environmental Education

Learning drives understanding. We realize people must first understand their place in the global community and environment, and in turn the impact of their actions before positive change can occur. Our education program uses a variety of resources to promote formal and informal learning around the world.


Visual learning has always been core to human learning – from millennia-old rock art to the latest digital device. Our visual program is creating powerful imagery to educate, motivate and inspire.


Great apes share 97% of our DNA and much of the tropical forests of Africa and SE Asia on which humans depend. Gorillas, chimps, bonobos and orangutans connect people to critical issues facing all Apes Like Us. Join us on Youtube for videos that are fresh, fun and educational for the whole family.

Travel with GLOBIO

Join Gerry and his 25+ years of international guiding experience to see and learn about some of the planet’s most wild incredible primates in an ethical and sustainable way with our Travel with GLOBIO program. Don’t miss out on some of these life changing adventures!

Program and Project News

Baby Ape Forest Schools – Not your typical daycare

Baby Ape Forest Schools – Not your typical daycare

  In the last few weeks, we've celebrated several international holidays: International Day for Women, World Wildlife Day, and International Day of Forests. What better way to celebrate than taking a look at something that incorporates all three: Baby Ape Forest...

Coronavirus and Our Fellow Great Apes

Coronavirus and Our Fellow Great Apes

Key to our Apes Like Us program is exploring the impact of threats to all great apes; disease is one of the greatest of those threats. In the past two decades multiple accounts of ape deaths due to disease have raised alarm amongst scientist. Rarely does that threat...

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