Our Programs

Our Programs

Our mission is to engage all people, especially children, in learning how to make respectful, conscious, positive decisions about the planet we share. Further, to explore how we each can make a difference in environmental quality and protecting biodiversity. We realize people must first understand their place in the global community and environment, and in turn the impact of their actions — to that end real-world, practical education is fundamental to our approach.

Conservation within Focal Regions, including primate biodiversity, is closely linked to human well-being and socio-economic security. It requires we embrace biological, social, and health dimensions. Our program strategy is to support and develop successful projects with local partners and then replicate to regional scale, creating sustained grassroots change, leaving a blueprint for others to use and evolve. Because these are regionally-based, they embrace the broad-scale patterns of biological diversity and ecological processes.

Our Focal Regions have each been chosen for their significant role in great ape and biodiversity conservation. Within these regions, GLOBIO has partnered with key local primate conservation nonprofits. Each one selected based on their activities and commitment to planning and implementation to systemic positive change in local primate conservation; which encompasses the primate species they work with, and the scope and nature of their external conservation activities.

For more information on our Program Partners and Focal Regions, see our Where We Work page.


Gerry Ellis filming vet Thalita Calvi at Chimfunshi

FILM & media

LIGHT…CAMERA…CONSERVATION! Visual learning has always been core to human learning – from millennia-old rock art to the latest digital device. Our visual program creates powerful imagery to educate, motivate and inspire, while also supporting outreach initiatives for our Program Partners. Our Apes Like Us Youtube Channel is one key element of our Film & Media program.  


Partner Programs

Our Partner Programs are critical to our connecting species with people with our shared planet. Partnerships are the foundation of our first step. We hope our models of collaboration are adopted, replicated and expanded to help others make meaningful impact in their own incredible ways. GLOBIO supports our partners through a number of fundraising and capacity building avenues to amplify their critical conservation work. 

Travel with GLOBIO- Guests use binoculars to spot wild Chimpanzees in Bwindi, Uganda

Travel With globio

Seeing is believing. Our Travel with GLOBIO program enables our supporters to experience firsthand the wonders of apes in the wild. Our trips abroad combine the magic of wildlife with unique connections to local conservation initiatives, including activities with Program Partners when possible. 

*Due to global travel restrictions, our Travel with GLOBIO program is currently paused *

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Program and Project News

Travel with GLOBIO — Why Travel?

Travel with GLOBIO — Why Travel?

For someone who has spent the majority of their life traveling, the first time you hear a question like, ‘Why travel?’ it comes as such a ridiculous shock that you're stunned to articulate an answer. You stumble through an awkwardly assembled collection of descriptive...

We’re Talking Apes in 2021

We’re Talking Apes in 2021

Did you know it’s really Survival of the Friendliest NOT the fittest? Unless your fitness comes from being friendly, I suppose. Did you know that apes migrate? Or that orangutans sing? How about non-human apes can’t swim because their bones are too heavy? Or which...

Travel with GLOBIO — Monkey Magic

Travel with GLOBIO — Monkey Magic

The Landcruiser pulled into the drivers’ back parking area behind the lodge at Kechwa Tembo in Kenya’s Maasai Mara, the afternoon was hotter than normal and everything worth filming seems to be asleep, so we were going to cash it in for a few hours — taking a rare...