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Talking Apes Podcast is GLOBIO’s latest initiative to spread awareness about the issues facing apes in the wild. Each month, we’ll be chatting with ape experts, enthusiasts, and conservationists from around to world. From research to outreach, our guests are at the forefront of conservation for our wild primate cousins. Join us each month as we unpack the plight of primates, piece by piece. 

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Upcoming Guests on Talking Apes

April 2nd: Dr. Alexandra Rosati

Down the valley and up in the mountains, Dr. Alexandra Rosati has logged countless hours with chimp groups in the wild! Join us to hear stories of life in the field and how her research has pushed the envelope for what we know about primate cognition.

Learn more about Dr. Rosati here

April 16th 2021: Dr. Aleah Bowie

Through the emerging field of Conservation Psychology, Dr. Aleah Bowie of Duke University is learning how humans become more aware of conservation issues and how this ultimately can lead to behavior change that benefits all wildlife.

Read more about Dr. Bowie’s work 

May 7th 2021: Dr. Tony Goldberg

Dr. Tony Goldberg “hunts” infectious diseases in apes. That is to say, follows them in the wild to learn more about their transmission between humans, apes, monkeys, and other wildlife to learn more about root cause and transmission. You may have seen recent articles in the New York Times about his recent work with the chimpanzees of GLOBIO Program Partner Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary


More about Dr. Goldberg’s work here

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Past Talking Apes Episodes

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Ep 1: Bonobos - Survival of the Friendliest with Dr. Brian Hare

Have our ape cousins – the bonobos – gotten it right? Is being friendly a better survival strategy than terrorizing your neighbor? Did we misunderstand Darwin? Could it be evolution favors the friendliest, not the fittest?  This episode of Talking Apes catches up with evolutionary anthropologist Dr. Brian Hare who’s exploring our friendlier human nature through the behavior of our peaceful Congo cousins, the bonobos.

Ep 2: Conservation and Ape Migration with Ian Redmond, OBE

We cross the border, whip out our passports for a stamp, and are on our merry way without a second thought. What many of us don’t consider is how chimps and gorillas in the wild can also cross country lines – and what this means for their conservation.  Luckily for the apes, there are experts taking a look at this curious conservation issue to help amplify protection efforts! Take a listen to this episode of Talking Apes with world-renowned conservationist, consultant to the UNEP Convention on Migratory Species,  Ian Redmond, OBE (formally known as “Worm Boy” thanks to Dian Fossey!)

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Ep 3: Red Apes: A Conservation Conversation with Richard Zimmerman

Many of us see the issues facing apes today and wonder what can we do to help? This is exactly what Richard Zimmerman felt when he first saw orangutans in the wilds of Indonesia. He turned this desire for change into real-world impact by founding Orangutan Outreach. Have a listen to his story and the incredible work Orangutan Outreach has accomplished for red ape conservation in the wild!

Ep 4: Talking Gorillas with Dr. Martha Robbins

Have you ever wondered what field research is really like? Dr. Martha Robbins has logged countless hours in Gabon, Uganda, and beyond observing (and admiring!) wild ape populations. She can attest that it’s not all glitz and glam in the field but that patience pays off! Dr. Robbins works with Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and shares about her 30 years of field research on mountain gorillas at Karisoke, Rwanda, and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Uganda as well as Western lowland gorillas in Loango NP, Gabon.

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We’re Talking Apes in 2021

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