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Talking Apes Podcast is GLOBIO’s latest initiative to spread awareness about the issues facing apes in the wild. Each month, we’ll be chatting with ape experts, enthusiasts, and conservationists from around to world. From research to outreach, our guests are at the forefront of conservation for our wild primate cousins. Join us each month as we unpack the plight of primates, piece by piece. 

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Upcoming Guests on Talking Apes

April 20th 2021: Dr. Aleah Bowie

Through the emerging field of Conservation Psychology, Dr. Aleah Bowie of Duke University is learning how humans become more aware of conservation issues and how this ultimately can lead to behavior change that benefits all wildlife.

Read more about Dr. Bowie’s work 

May 4th 2021: Colleen Reed

We first welcomed Colleen Reed, orangutan enthusiast to the show in December 2020, she’ll be joining us again to discuss her work with the primates at the Oregon Zoo and how that’s taken her back and forth to Borneo to volunteer and help train staff at the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS). 

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