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Talking Apes Podcast is GLOBIO’s latest initiative to spread awareness about the issues facing apes in the wild. Each month, we’ll be chatting with ape experts, enthusiasts, and conservationists from around to world. From research to outreach, our guests are at the forefront of conservation for our wild primate cousins. Join us each month as we unpack the plight of primates, piece by piece. 

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Upcoming Guests on Talking Apes

July 27th 2021: Leif Cocks, Founder of The Orangutan Project

With decades of conservation work with Orangutans under his belt, red ape expert Leif Cocks joins us on Talking Apes to discuss a roadmap to survival for orangutans and their precious habitat. What are some of the solutions to the issues they face? Who are the key players? What will it take to secure a future for these amazing apes?


More about Leif Cocks and The Orangutan Project

August 10th 2021: Dr Rob Shave, Cardiac Physiologist & Founder of the International Primate Heart Project

Exercise several times a week, get in your five fruits and veggies a day, keep your stress down… That’s all it takes to keep your ticker in tip-top shape, right? Along with his team at the International Primate Heart Project, Cardiac Physiologist Dr. Rob Shave and his team are learning just how complex heart health can be for apes in captivity. Join us with this exciting episode of Talking Apes to hear more about his work and its greater implications for captive apes.

More about Dr. Rob Shave and the International Primate Heart Project


August 24th 2021: Dr Liz Tyson, Programs Director at Born Free USA & Captive Wildlife Law Specialist

In 2021 alone, a number of “pet” primates have made the news, but never with happy headlines – notably chimpanzee Buck in Oregon in June. In the USA, even though it’s only legal to have pet primates in 19 states, there are still thousands of monkeys – and some chimpanzees – that live in backyards and basements from the exotic pet trade. Dr. Liz Tyson of Born Free USA joins us to discuss the ins and outs of this dangerous and irresponsible industry. 


More about Dr. Tyson and her background working for animals here


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